This Man Mike Sonko…..and His New Haircut!


Gideon Mbuvi better known as Mike Sonko; the flamboyant and controversial Nairobi Senator is known to always make headlines either for his philanthropic acts, his undying support of the Jubilee Government or on a lighter note, his crazy haircuts. There is no doubt that he is one of the coolest politicians Kenyan’s have ever encountered.

He recently took the bold step of making known his thoughts via a haircut concerning the trial that is going on at the ICC. The haircut read: Respect Our Prezzo!

Very few people are able to pull off such a public stunt and though Sonko might seem insane to many, he has my full admiration. I honestly would want to smoke whatever it is he smokes. Such guts and confidence! Mike Sonko’s haircut has left Kenyan’s on social media talking, some in awe and respect and others opposing this act. Regardless of opinions, Sonko sure knows how to express himself and stir the public.