Vanessa Chettle is Bi? The cat is out of the bag and onto a live video


Vanessa Chettle is one of the most celebrated divas in Nairobi. She has her way of capturing the eye of the media. This she did all so recently when she proclaimed point blank that she is indeed bisexual. “I do both men and women,” she said as cameras glared at her.

She, never being the kind to shy away from a camera announced with such tremendous confidence that she is comfortable with both men and women- intimately that is. The cameras went haywire clicking and flashing away mercilessly with all photographers and bloggers looking for something to share with the world.

Here support for the gay world is no longer to be doubted. She has been abundantly vocal about individual freedom insisting that people should be allowed to be who they are instead of judging them. Now that she is on this other side of the closet, the world can only sit back and wait to see what she does next. Katy Perry’s fantasy of kissing a girl is a reality for someone else now! Wish Vanessa all the best.

Video courtesy of Ghafla Kenya