Zari Risks Being Acidified If She Does not cut her Ties with Diamond

If the stories about Tanzanian women and husband snatching are anything to go by, then Tanzania’s socialite Zari the Boss lady might be putting her looks on the line. This is after rumors supported by photos flew about that Zari had decided to put her hand in the cookie jar, that is Diamond and Wema Sepetu’s relationship.

A couple of days ago, some photos went viral in which Diamond ( who claims to associate with Zari under a business capacity only) and Zari seemed to adopt some very invigorative poses that spelt anything but business. Wema rushed in to warn Zari but the beloved Zari got even more warnings from her fans who questioned her skin’s ability to ward off an acid attack which at this point seems very eminent. However, you really would not blame Diamond for straying. I mean he is one of the biggest things in Tanzania right now not to mention that Zari is quite the catch but if she intends to remain beautiful, she is better off setting her sights elsewhere.

Here are some of the pictures which sparked off the uncertainty of the relationship.