So Who Got the First Boot on the First Big Brother Hotshots Elimination Show?


The current season is different in a lot of ways but as the saying goes, some things will never change and this same saying applies to Big Brother. This past Sunday was the first eviction show and Big Brother was quite fixated on letting the contestants know that regardless of the changes people were still going home and there was $300,000 on the line. There were a total of 12 nominees that were up for eviction that included Kenya’s Alusa, Mr. 265, Lillian, JJ, Louie and 7 others.

Luckily, these 5 were not among those that were given 30 seconds to exit the Big Brother house. The first to get evicted were Resa from Zambia and Mira from Mozambique. Even though the housemates had only been together for a week, there were still some tears to go around and plenty of hugs. Finally it hit the housemates that this is a game and strategy is everything. It is now a matter of time before the claws come out reaching out for the $300,000.