Betty Bayo: I Fainted When I Saw What He Was Doing To That Woman


Prophet Dr. Victor Kanyari has over the past week been on the lips of every Kenyan for all the wrong reasons. He is the only man in Kenya ( and perhaps in the world) who is able to grope the breasts of women in public as the members of the church cheer him on and others even make donations for the same. While this might seem like a dream to many men who even after buying land never get a chance to hold the hands of the woman they have bought the land for, to his wife gospel singer Betty Bayo it is such a serious crime that after seeing him comfortably fondling the breasts of another woman she simply fainted.

In a recent interview, Betty confesses that she had heard rumors about the fake miracles and all the kind of things but she could not put 2 and 2 together because 95% of the time her husband would only talk about his church and the gospel. And while most women would have packed their bags by this time in such a situation, Betty states that she is not going to divorce her hubby just yet. Well this is not exactly our expertise but someone needs to help this woman see some sense.