Vanessa Cheattle and Crew Receive Vicious Blows from Disgruntled Wife

On Sunday afternoon, Vineyard Club was the next victim where Vanessa Cheatle and her league of husband snatchers would offer negative marketing. True to her record, trouble once again followed her wherever she went and this time, it tagged along some heavy blows after a woman walked into the club and went straight to where Vanessa and her crew were hanging out but the light moment is that this time, Vanessa was not the first to receive fire.

Instead it was one of her girlfriends Zeila who was given quite the beating as Vanessa and the husband just looked on as the blows landed. When she had had enough, she decided to duck and leave the club leaving Vanessa open to receive the fire and the woman did not hesitate to land a few on the self-proclaimed socialite before telling her to her face, “Keep off my hubby.” Husband snatchers, this should be a great lesson for you. Stealing other people’s husbands does come with its consequences.