This Is One Of The Reasons We Will Soon Run Out Of Tourists

When incidences of Kenyan women being stripped naked came to light, many people were up in arms, supporting the vice branding it lessons against indecent dressing, stating it against tradition. Many however forget that a few years back people were walking half naked and this still happens in other cultural tribes. It is a fact that women should dress decently. However stripping a woman and sexually molesting her in the name of giving her a lesson is not the way to go. Emerging cases show that perverted individuals are now just looking for opportunities to strip, steal and beat women in the name of indecent dressing.

Kenya is yet to recover from the terrorist attacks that have been rocking the country, its terrible misfortune for a country and bad for business. However the government’s stand of ‘playing it safe’ with the issue is attracting attention to Kenya in bad light. Now foreigners are taking things into their own hands and advising each other not to visit Kenya. It’s a fact Kenya’s economy survives on tourism! Demonstrations like this will kill the economy fast. The main caption placard they were carrying around stated;

“Don’t go to Kenya. Men strip and rape women on broad day light. No help from government.”