This Is Why A Herd Of Donkeys Were Spotted Strolling Leisurely Through The Streets Of Nairobi

Yesterday morning protesters found a new way to share their disconcertion. This was by the use of donkeys. This comes after protesters used a similar style in 2013, using pigs to refer to members of Parliament who were seen to be too greedy .The donkeys were let lose at I&M bank building in Muindi Mbingu Street and made their way through other streets in Nairobi.

Some of the activists in the group, ‘Tumechoka’, were heard saying that they were tired of the government giving empty promises. ‘Tumechoka’ also stated that it is time that Kenyans take the initiative into their own hands and actively participate in giving practical solutions to the rise in political and social scenes, as the government seems to take no action when one is needed.

The 20 donkeys were later impounded and taken to Muoroto animal pound after which the owners and the activists who left them are being tracked by the police. Several people have however been arrested as investigations are still underway, after which they will be charged in court.