So What Really Caused Mutula Kilonzo’s Untimely Tragic Death?

Nearly two years after the death of Mutula Kilonzo, an investigation on what killed the late senator has finally been opened by the DPP Keriako Tobiko. This comes after the pathologists examining the samples taken from the late senators body ruled out a heart attack, which was first suspected. Mutula Kilonzo who was found dead and tucked in bed and had foam in his mouth at his rural home in Maazoni ranch on the 27th, April 2013.

Foul play was later assumed since before his death the late senator had taken to public rallying, with what was termed as radical statements. He claimed that there were poachers who were looking to rob CORD of its leaders and needed to be stopped.
The investigations were re-opened after the family realized that the samples taken had been contaminated, and that no tangible evidence had been gotten so far from the pathologists.

Mutula Kilonzo Junior, the late senators son, posted on twitter Tuesday morning, that he would be recording a statement at the CID headquarters on the same matter . He was accompanied by his sister Ms Kethi Kilonzo.