Nyanza Senator And Radio Queen Caught Pants Down Enjoying The Forbidden Fruits


Infidelity news is becoming quite rampant in Kenya. Recently a Nyanza senator was caught pants down with a married radio presenter. The two were caught by the radio presenter’s husband in Miliamani hotel in Kisumu.

It is not clear how the husband got word that the two were in the hotel. The man however went to the hotel accompanied by his son. He was furious upon finding his wife in the hands of the senator. Sources say that the man was so furious that he wanted to beat them up. He was however stopped by the onlookers.

According to sources, the presenter’s husband told the senator to keep his wife because he was fed up with her. It is not clear how long the two have been having the affair. However one thing is for sure; this was not the best day for either of them especially due to the fact that they are now in the limelight.