Sensational Gospel Singer Rose Muhando Reported Now Missing After Her Heinous Crime!

The higher they go, the harder they fall, Rose Muhando the highly acclaimed Tanzanian musician who has always smothered our hearts with great songs is finding that being in the limelight can be quite dangerous especially as a Christian icon. After news broke out that she was being sought by police to answer to charges of murder after she aborted a 7 months pregnancy which is purported to have been fathered by one of those close to her, the song bird is now missing.

However, the East African police forces are hot on her trail seeking answers to the despicable act and also to confirm the allegations. Should she be found guilty, Muhando will face up to 7 years but what should be of more concern to her is the damage that this has done to her name and the disappointment that is has brought to her fans. Talk of preaching water and drinking wine.