Mike Sonko Exposes A Conman That Has Been Impersonating Him

It seems that Kenyans never learn when it comes to money business and being conned. Many people can very well remember the conning incidences headlining Kenya’s finest celebrities, Jaguar and Wyre. Now it seems that ever controversial and flamboyant politician Mike Sonko has joined the ranks. Taking to his social media account, Mike Sonko distanced himself from the allegations and flagged one Sonko Koech as the culprit. Below was his post.

I kindly request you to avoid paying anything to get an appointment with me… there is a con man using this number 0714 705 873 who goes by the name Koech Sonko according to truecaller. Mimi sipeani motorbike neither am I requesting for cheque processing fee. Hata recruitment ya Sonko Rescue team ni free. Please be very vigilant. Thank you.

Looking at this one wonders who really is to blame for the Mike Sonko occurrence. With him living a flashy lifestyle and his utterances on dedication with helping the youth, whether he delivers or not, it’s quite tempting to want to get an appointment with him and everything,, after all its hard economic times. However common sense suggests that if a meeting is not face to face and a “Mheshimiwa” requests 2000 shillings for processing fee, beware, if it was 50,000 shillings that would have been more believable. Either way as unfortunate as it is, if someone is not wise enough to stick to their money, then they didn’t deserve it in the first place.