Married Kenyan Renowned Musician Habida Molodney Busted Legs Apart, Cheating With Another Womans Husband

Many people know of Habida Moloney, the Kenyan eye candy that burst into the Kenyan music industry with her collaboration song with nameless. Viewed as a morally upright woman, married and living a happy family life, infidelity was never in the horizon. It however seems that boredom and unemployment drove her to the edge and she inevitably let another man eat her cookies.

According to an article on Ghafla and allegations doing rounds on social media, Habida dove into bed with Kenyan actor; Nouhom Cheick Kone who plays Brenda warimu’s boyfriend in Mali. This man, who has been in a relationship with girlfriend for seven years, decided to take Habida to his matrimonial home in Roysambu for a romp in the sitting room supposedly to spice things up. Shockingly, the partner came in and found them in the act and stormed out only for the neighbors to confirm that the act is habitual.

Having started out her career with an okay singing voice, it quickly fizzled out and thus forced her to venture into acting and there is where she apparently met her future adulterer. Never minding that she is married to handsome fellow, Daniel Ebo and has a child in kindergarten, Habida placed her interest first and ventured outside her marriage. This is the same scenario that is seen with Nouhon who shamelessly claimed that reason for cheating was boredom; mind you the mate just had their first child together on Tuesday. Looking at this scenario one should not wonder why HIV infections are highest in married individuals. Just hopefully, in their senseless distasteful act, they thought of using rubber!