This Is Probably The Smartest And Most Daring Robbery In The History Of Robberies In Kenya

Gone are the days when robberies were conducted randomly with all manner of crude weaponry. Today’s robbers are smart and sophisticated. They are well educated, well-spoken and well versed in the art of theft. Everything is carried out professionally. They are armed with guns and the latest technological gadgets. Robberies are well planned in advance, probably months or weeks before they are executed.

Today Nairobians woke up to a rude shock. In the pretext of conducting minor construction work around Caxton building along Kenyatta Avenue, a gang of thieves managed to cart away goods of unknown value from various business premises which are within the building. All this was done as the guards and watchmen watched. The police are still investigating the early morning robbery and are yet to comment on what really happened.

Here are some pictures from the scene of the smart robbery:


Capture 2

Capture 3

Capture 4