This Is How Senator Moses Kajwang Received The Shocking News Of The Death Of His Brother Late Senator Otieno Kajwang

Moses kajwang was at the hospital when his brother died. The day had been normal for him as he went about his routine. At around 9.30 pm he got a call informing him that Otieno Kajwang had just been admitted. Initially he thought it was something trivial like a flu or a passing fever. However, something tagged his heart and he rushed to Mater hospital where he was informed that his brother was in the emergency room. Things had gotten so bad that at the time he arrived Otieno was being resuscitated. 45 minutes later Otieno was pronounced dead. It was extremely shocking for him and all his family members.

Samples which were taken to Germany for further investigation have not yet yielded any results. The samples were transported there alongside those of the late Fidel Castro Odinga the son to the former Prime Minister. He prays that there was no foul play or any involvement of a human hand in their deaths. According to him his brother had no symptoms that would trigger a cardiac arrest. However, he leaves it to the scientists to come up with a logical explanation.

Before he took up his brother’s position in politics, his wife had to undergo some counselling because of the radical shift in lifestyle. His wife felt like she was not ready for the publicity and all that came with her husband becoming a senator. Time has helped the family accustom to the lifestyle and everything seems to be running smoothly.