This Is Why The Kenya Red Cross Team Was Furious With Senator Mike Sonko And This Is How Much It Cost Him To Win Them Over

Sonko’s Rescue Team using the Red Cross Crescent emblem did not go down well with the Kenya Red Cross. According to the Red Cross Secretary, General Abbas Gullet, the Red Cross Crescent emblem is legally protected and an unauthorized entity using it is illegal. Although Sonko got wind of this, he remained mum about the subject until recently when he made arrangements to meet Abbas Gullet.

After some lengthy discussions, it was decided that Mike Sonko should pay KSH 2 million to the Red Cross to have his team of 1000 youths trained on how best to respond to medical emergencies. Each team member would be trained at a cost of KSH 2000. Having been trained, sonko’s rescue team will be in a better position to administer first aid treatment quickly and efficiently.