Vera Sidika Responds To Clear Evidence That She Is A Very High End, High Maintenance Call Girl

Everyone has to agree that Vera Sidika is a household name and whenever she is spoken about, she trends. However with it being so hard to make ends meet in Kenya especially in the entertainment industry, many wondered how Vera could live the life of a queen as she calls herself with no actual job. In this case Kenyans did not have to wait any longer as an Instagram user by the name truth seeker blew the whistle about the most famous socialite in Kenya being a call girl; Stating in the Instagram account, truth teller gave detailed incriminating evidence of how Vera is a call girl and an expensive one for that matter.

With all this, Kenyans went crazy and have been waiting for the video vixen to respond, in which she did not disappoint. From her IG handle she mocked her haters saying, she is trending although she isn’t even in the country and is out shopping, she went ahead and to even invite people to join her on her shopping spree rather than talk.

She hasn’t denied anything this time, maybe it is all true and that all this time she hasn’t just been getting money from looking pretty. On the other hand it’s probably just another hoax and a malicious person is looking to trash Veras name. The clever thing still remains thoughm that she made a smart move by keeping quiet.