The 29 Year Old Woman Recuperating At The Nairobi Women’s Hospital Denies Being Gideon Mwiti’s Girlfriend And Gives A Detailed Account Of What Really Happened

According to a story run by Nation Media, the whole Gideon Mwiti saga has been blurred with inconsistencies and contradictions. This especially so when you look at MP Miti’s recollection of events. The lady claims she met the MP for a late lunch at the Pizza Garden at 6.30pm and later on proceeded to his office while the MP claims they proceeded to his bar immediately after leaving Pizza Garden. The lady also denies having drinks with the MP at Molly’s Pub in Woodvale Grove in Westlands which the MP attested to doing so.

According to the lady, they met to discuss some business issues concerning a training curriculum for sales persons for one of Hon Mwiti’s companies of which she is a director. After their late lunch, the MP drove her to his office in his car. While at the office, the chairman of the said company joined them but after a brief chat, left. The entire time the MP had been drinking and steadily kept asking for more alcohol from his messenger. Once the two were alone, the MP called in a Doctor who forcefully took blood samples from her after the MP had ruffed her up. Once the test was done the doctor left the lady at the mercy of the MP who went ahead to rape and beat her.

She escaped by pretending to send the messenger for more drinks. She was lucky to find a taxi which drove her to her car which was still parked at Pizza Garden. From there she proceeded to her home then later on to the hospital where she is still admitted.

According to the lady’s lawyer, Mr Ndubi, even though the lady was his girlfriend of which she wasn’t, the fact still remains that he abused her and had sex with her without her consent.