Here Are 10 Unbelievable Answers Pastor Victor Kanyari Gave When He Was Interviewed On The Churchill Show

Churchill fans were treated to one of the most exhilarating shows since the show premiered. Amazingly, the host of the show, Churchill had convinced the dodgy Pastor, Prophet Victor Kanyari, to make a guest appearance. Everything went on as planned and the entire interview/performance was a big success. Here are some of the questions and unbelievable answers Kanyari gave on the show.

1. Where did the 310 idea come from?

According to Kanyari the whole 310 marketing concept (“Kupanda Mbegu”) was conceptualized from the bible verse Malachi 3:10

Here is what the verse says

2. What is his educational background?

He didn’t finish high school, he is a form two dropout.

3. Did he fondle a ladies breast in public?

He does not deny the allegation that he fondled a woman’s breast in public. The reason he did this was because she had breast cancer. Interestingly, he says she got healed.

4. What happens if a man comes to him with infertility issues?

He has no problem with touching or holding any part that has the problem.

5. Where does he get his flashy clothes from?

Most are donations from people who live abroad.

6. How did he get his German Machine?

The Range Rover Sport he drives was given to him by a barren woman whom he claims got a baby after he had prayed for her.

7. What has been his biggest scandal so far?

He was alleged to be fleecing Kenyans of their hard earned money. He believes asking for KSH 310 is not a crime and if it is then he would have been put in jail. Those who feel he is doing the wrong thing should refrain from giving him money. Those that give and have faith will receive their miracle, those who don’t believe will receive nothing.

8. What is the largest church offering he ever received?

The biggest offering he ever received was KSH 6 million. The guy who gave him the money had allegedly sold a piece of land somewhere in Karen after Kanyari had prayed for him. He used the money to build a school for the disabled.

9. How is the relationship between Kanyari and Outspoken “Jicho Pevu” presenter Mohammed Ali?

He is still friends with Mohammed Ali and they still communicate from time to time.

10. How is his church going on after the embarrassing “ Jicho Pevu” expose?

He’s had a low season but things are going back to normal. A few TV stations and Radio stations have agreed to renew his airing contract.

Here is the whole interview courtesy of NTV Kenya